Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea #2 Review

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea. What is this? Well it’s a bourbon that supposedly spent time in barrels on a boat at sea. How much time? Fuck you. Okay, well who made it? Not us, fuck you. Hmm, how old is it? No idea, fuck you. Alright then, how much does it cost? A lot, fuck you.
No age statement; 45% ABV; Batch 20; $90 (Feb. 2014)
Nose: Sweet and spicy with a light touch of ethanol. Smells about right for a ~6 year old high rye bourbon.
Taste: A touch thin and light up front. Starts off mostly just sweet with a mid-to-low amount of woodiness. On the finish there is some spicy rye, a lot of wood sweetness, and also some bitter char. Tastes like an average ~6 year old high rye bourbon.
Thoughts: I’m glad to finally be rid of this bottle as it was one of my biggest whiskey purchase regrets. I was a much less informed purchaser back then and will admit I got caught up in the limited edition craze on this. All in all, it’s a decent but forgettable bourbon. I can’t really find any faults with it taste wise. My main contempt though is the crazy high price tag you’re paying for what amounts to an average bourbon with a picture of a ship on the bottle. Even if this whiskey was aged at sea, the results are still nothing more than a marketing gimmick.
Rating: C
Value: As always I don’t factor price into my ratings. If rated with value in mind it would be an F.

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